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7 Must Have Social Media Business Tools Management

  • Topsy is an app that helps you locate influencers by keyword, company name, person or category.
  • ExploreB2B is a publishing platform for professionals in which you can assert thought leadership by writing articles about your industry knowledge and connecting to relevant influencers. Articles themselves receive traffic on the platform and serve as good material for other social media networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora).
  • ScoopIt allows you to curate articles from all online sources and categorize them based on topic or theme. (Think Pinterest for written content.)
  • TweetDeck manages Twitter important messages and updates within a medium that makes all forms of interaction more efficient.
  • Tweepi is the Twitter tool that helps toting a powerful amount of followers who are both relevant and willing to promote what you have to say. Works by entering the Twitter handle of any influencer that is relevant to your profession. A list of their followers appears (ie people who have already chosen to follow tweets about your same or similar industry topics). You can choose whom to follow by ticking the box next to their name.
  • Buffer is a automation tool to queue links, quotes, pictures, comments and set the times are which you want your content to go out to Twitter, Facebook or both. (You can use SocialBro, another useful Twitter tool to find when are your optimal times to share by regional demographic and time zone.)
  • SocialOomph is the broadsword for Twitter and social automation. Timed status updates are available on almost any social platform, queues of status updates, automatic follow back, scheduled blog posts, and statistics on clicks and downloads. It seems like, if social automation is possible, the app has the feature. 




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∞ iJulien: Tumblrize: a plugin to post from Wordpress to Tumblr

****Tumblrize is not working anymore and is now end of life. Please read this post for details.****


Tumblrize posts from Wordpress to Tumblr whenever you hit the “publish” button. It uses Tumblr’s simple API to keep posts in sync; when you edit your WordPress post, it updates…

On Tumblr’s API and WordPress integration


Hi there,

Well after three years of free satisfaction and 20k users later, the road to maintain a good Wordpress plugin just got bumpier.

Users started asking questions and sending support requests. Tumblr had changed its API from v1 to v2, bringing a more secure way for their developer community and users to post stuff on their platform.

Naturally, Tumblr also started deprecating their v1 API thus making tumblrize useless for most of the install base.

I started this plugin right after Tumblr’s rise. I couldn’t make a choice between them and Wordpress. So I started working on something. Without any need for recognition, my plugin became the first to be able to cross-post to Tumblr. I was very proud to see it grow back then, and being referenced by Tumblr as example app for their API.
I had fun spending hours designing its poor logo on Fireworks.

Then I had something else to focus on. I switched jobs, switched again, and Meitar came to the rescue as for long needed updates. He helped a lot cleaning the code and adding new features.

Long-story short: neither do I (because of time and skills) nor Meitar (because of time) have time to update it. I wrote to a guy who pulled it from the Wordpress plugins repository.

I wish I could have answered all the questions or pushed a “thank you but it’s broken” message to those who were using it.

Thanks to Meitar for helping out and Mark@Tumblr for promoting it.

Tumblrize, out.

In case anyone’s interested: About a week ago, Tumblr shut down posting functionality to v1 of its API, requiring anyone who uses it to register and use v2. This broke a few plugins, most notably Tumblrize, one which SFB used a modified version of to do our cool numbers and blurbs and stuff. (I even gave ‘em props in an interview once!) Unfortunately, the developers (who did great work over the years and deserve a ton of credit) don’t have the time to do necessary updates to the plugin, so they retired it. There aren’t a ton of options that do what Tumblrize did at the level it did (Example: IFTTT kind of does it, but not very well), leaving a number of WordPress users in a bit of a lurch. In case any developers with Tumblr API and WordPress plugin experience are interested in helping out a community in need, there’s a definite gap here. — Ernie @ SFB



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3 Easy Ways To Turn Your Facebook Into A Real Book

Two Chrome Browser Add-ons For A Better YouTube Viewing Experience

A Cleaner YouTube is an add-on available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you’re a minimalist at heart, this is one add-on you’re going to like. It manages to distill YouTube down to just the bare essentials, while still leaving everything you need in reach. Here’s what YouTube looks like with this add-on installed:

chrome youtube addon

SmartVideo For YouTube is a great deal more complex than A Cleaner YouTube, but it lets you exert uncompromising control over every aspect of your video experience. Check out the options panel:

youtube addon for chrome

The configuration you see above is the one I use day to day. SmartVideo buffers the video for me as soon as the page loads. Once it’s ready to play, it pops up a Chrome desktop notification, so even if I’m in another tab or another application. I know the video is ready to play. When I watch videos on YouTube itself, SmartVideo makes sure I get the highest quality possible (see Video Quality on the left pane). When I watch embedded videos in other websites, SmartVideo stays out of the way and lets Google decide what quality I should be watching.

This way, embedded videos stay fast and don’t slow me down on other websites. When I want to really enjoy a video, I just click it to go to its YouTube page and enjoy it in maximum quality (and minimalist, see above).

Catch The News On A World Map With These 7 Map-Based News Aggregators

Just check out all the news apps we have covered over the years; with the sheer number of apps you don’t have an excuse anymore to remain unknowing. So, where do map based news aggregators fit in?

Map based news aggregators’ present news as a cluster on an online map. One advantage is that you can see newsworthy locations at a glance. The second is that map and news mashup tools allow you to quickly narrow down to the local news of any place you are interested in.

So, let’s go around with these map based news apps and see some headlines around the world.


map based news

Mapeas brings video news and puts it on a Google Map. It syndicates news from sources like Associated Press, Fox, NBC etc. The Google Map is spotted with markers which are clickable. The markers are also category specific. Magnify on a region to find more markers; the numbered markers indicate the number of news clips in that area.

Clicking on a marker pops up a box with a news brief and a video thumbnail. If you find that the news clip is not accurate for the area, you can mark it as misplaced. (See Directory mention).


news mapping

Buzztracker is a more “˜diagnostic’ tool because it allows you to see the relationships between major happenings around the world. The news app tracks English language news sources and presents the news interlinks on a Google powered map.

Cities which get higher news coverage get larger circles. News connections are shown by lines, and thicker lines stands for deeper links between the news sources. Clicking on a location takes you to an index page which mentions the city and the percentage of news associated with it. Associated locations and the news articles are mentioned alongside.


news mapping

The Google Maps mashup puts news sourced from Google News on locations around the world. The interactive map also uses the geographical database of Geonames.org for location information. The site is very simple, you just have to point your mouse at a spot on the map and a balloon pops up with the headlines for the country.

Washington Post ““ TimeSpace

news mapping

If it’s Washington Post, then the news and opinions has to be worth a read. The interactive map brings articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe. The large numbers represent news clusters and you have to click once on the icon to drill down. A cool timeline shows peaks of news coverage for the day when you click on the play button. You can also use the little text box at the top to filter the type of news you are interested in.

BBC Live World Map

news maps

BBC’s most popular stories (and most emailed) can be grouped according to region using the small clickable map. The color tones also comparatively show where most of the readership is coming from. The world map allows you to see which stories are generating the most buzz in different parts of the world. Clicking on a continent will automatically re-order the top 10 news items for that particular continent. All this happens in real time.

Here is another small example of a BBC News and Google Map mashup. I guess because of BBC’s leanings towards the British Isles, you get to see a larger cluster around that region.

News Map

news maps

News Map is a simple mashup of Google Maps and news from Yahoo Search. Clicking on a region of the map brings up a list of 10 news links alongside.


map based news

We covered Newseum briefly in 5 Sites to Find Local Newspapers Published Around the World. You can either use Bing (Beta) or a Flash map to pinpoint a location and open up its daily newspaper’s front page. The newspapers sourced are quite widespread. It’s a really cool way to see what’s making the headlines around the world.

The mashup of news and maps show that news can be read differently.  Although the number of news articles is not huge in the maps, depending on need and time, you can go for the straight-laced news portals or try out the more visual and interactive forms of reading map based news.