Sohrab Hura

TIME Magazine, All In A Day’s Work

Sohrab Hura, 2010 Emergency Fund photographer, was featured in TIME Magazine, October 29, 2012 issue with the article, All in a Day’s Work by Krista Mahr/Kaimaha.

India’s promises poor rural households a hundred days’ employment a year, but honoring that pledge is an enormous challenge. Read more here.

The New York Times Lens Blog

Poulomi Basu, 2012 HR Fellow, was featured in the Lens blog, “On India’s Border, a Changing of Guards.”




Published: June 02, 2011
La Cumbre, Colombia
"Brother Hermes" (L) performs an exorcism on Claudia Gaviria, 28, who claims to be possessed by spirits, in La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca department, Colombia.

by: Luis Robayo - AFP